Family. That’s what it’s all about. I wouldn’t have said that a few years ago. I was a trailblazing young journalist and radio disc jockey who was ready to take over the world with my wife, Carla. But then Jaydon came. Then Jackson. Then Matthew. They are what it’s all about.

Sure, the boys drive me crazy at times —  I previously wrote a My 3 Sons blog on Athens Patch detailing those adventures — but they are also provide me with an amazing sense of self-satisfaction that no rock star career could have. Nothing beats playing going to concerts with Jaydon, coaching Jackson’s baseball team, and cuddling up with Matthew to watch Tom & Jerry. Oh, and my most loyal friend, Wrigley (see below).

And then there’s Carla, the rock of our family. I’m not sure how she survives in a house with four males, but she manages to hold the fort down on a daily basis, keeping track of everyone’s schedules, calming nerves with a remarkable patience and repairing “owies” when needed. Sometimes I feel like I’m just along for the ride.

I do have my vices. I’m addicted to high-quality television. My favorite show of all time is Dexter. Currently I’m watching Billions, Schitt’s Creek and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And admittedly, I like no-brainer reality shows like Big Brother, Survivor and Tiger King!

I also love music. I once hosted a radio show called “The Big Rock Show” which featured my true guilty pleasure — ’80s “hair metal.” As a result, I’m willing to bet I have the largest collection of “hair metal” songs in the world.

Most days, I feel like my job is not a job. I love teaching students — from middle school to master’s level — about the endless possibilities of journalism.  And I am passionate about diversity. Read more about my professional life here.

I’m “Just Joe,” living the dream at work and at home. That’s what it’s all about.


2 thoughts on “Personal”

  1. Joe, stumbled across this today. And I thought that you’d like to know that I, along with my cohost and friend Jeremy Loveless were two of the people to carry on the precious metal banner for you. We graduated in 2006 and passed it on to some very qualified hands. Long story short it was very cool to stumble across someone that I’m connected to that I don’t even know. Have a great day!!


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